What Are Quick Pages?

Quick Pages are invitations. They may be a poster, an announcement; a shout-out to your community to come to your baby shower. They are a one-page website featuring a very important announcement.
This could be a wedding, Super Bowl Party, Graduation Party, or any other event you wish to invite guests to attend.

How do they work?

  • A bold heading at the top

  • Time, date, and location

  • Possibly a map of the event location

  • What to bring and the dress code

  • Anything else you wish to convey to your guests

A re-usable webpage!

  • $100.00 gets you a site to use again & again

  • A $10.00 fee to set up each new event or party

  • Inexpensive and effective

  • Never worry about how to get the details to your guests again!

When setting up your domain for this type of page, select a generic name that can be used many times over for varied circumstances or events.

After purchasing your site for a one-time fee of just $100.00, you will only need to pay a $10.00 editing fee for each new event. This generates a great program for those who like to hold events, parties, or other happy get-togethers.

Repurposing your site for a new event

  • Change the purpose as new events are planned

  • Compose the page for each new event circumstance

  • After the event, remove the page

  • Your page is dormant and waiting to be reused

  • Set up your next event and repeat the above steps


This is just one more way CWD is contributing to our communities. You will find the cost of owning a CWD announcement program very appealing. In short, this is just a very handy tool for getting the people in your community together. Something we all need to do more often.

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