Community Web Design

What You Get:

CWD will build you a website for a one-time fee of $100.00. The site includes 10 basic linked web pages with as many as 10 images. Extra pages are available for $5.00 a page and extra images are available for $10.00 per package of 10.

This is a high-quality but slim-price site-building system. Our system requires you to obtain your new inexpensive domain through us. All you need to do is come up with a domain you like, send it to us, and we will let you know if it is available. Once we determine your choice of domain name is available, we will send you an invoice that will generally be under $20.00 and you are on your way to your brand new site.

If you have a domain you love and wish to transfer it over to CWD, you will need to set up the transfer or have your current host guide you through the process.

Here are the four basic steps you must follow to initiate a domain transfer:

  • Remove your domain lock and get an authorization code

  • Initiate a transfer with your new host

  • Verify the transfer

  • Pay for your transfer and wait for the process to complete

  • Domain transfers generally take five to seven days to complete

Since you will be doing the footwork, no charges for domain transfers will be incurred by CWD.

Domains are charged by the year from the date established. If you keep your site going, you will need to renew one year from the initial date for the following year and so on. Payments for domains are separate from payments for building the new site.

Simply email us the text you would like on your site in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. If you like, you can also specify things like font parameters and such. Please use the support email at the bottom of this page.

Please make your payments with PayPal. After we receive your payment, your site will begin to take shape and should be ready in about a week.

Setting up your new site:

  • Select and purchase your new domain

  • Make your payment for the selected domain to cover the first year

  • Domain payments by the year are generally under $20.00 and sometimes as little as just a few dollars

  • Make your one-time payment for site building of $100.00

  • Setup for your site begins after we receive your content data

If you would like any images on your site, simply send them to us in either .jpg or .gif format.

  • 10 images and 10 webpages are included in the site building fee

  • Extra images are $10.00 per package of 10.

Site Review and Edits:

  • In about a week we will send you the link to your site for your review

  • Site edits for one full week from the launch date are included

  • If you need any future edits to your site, fees are $10.00 prepaid for 6 edits within one week

  • Edits can be anything from adding or deleting text to adding or resizing images and more

Since we are not a huge corporation like most site-building companies, we use email for communication with potential or current clients. We know when you reach out to us it is important and we always get back to you the same day. We believe communication is the key to success in business as in life.

Site Upgrades:
We are a new company and we anticipate our services to expand so upgrades will occur. The first of which will be for the music page; we will soon offer playlists for your songs.

Site Suggestions and guidance:

You have a vision of what you want on your site but you aren't sure how it all works.

You need a site but don't know where to start?
Drop us a line at the email below and we'll quickly get you pointed in the right direction.

Follow this link for more information regarding how to get started.

Have questions? Email us at

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